The Mixing House

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百子湾乐成豪丽公寓 6号楼底商
主打特色鸡尾酒和威士忌的“社区化”属性酒吧,完美集合了休闲、社交、休憩,甚至治愈、资源共享等功能。做为京城资深调酒师的酒吧主理人Jerry Zheng一直在努力为The Mixing House的MIX属性提供更深邃的佐证,这里不仅可品味经典鸡尾酒,同时可享用源源不断盛产的原创,譬如将他擅长的日式,和流行的美式,以及更广阔的世界主义化鸡尾酒的融合而出的NEW MIXING。
The Mixing House peddles cocktails and bar food to any who care to venture far out enough to get to it. It's owned by the gin-loving co-owner of nearby D&M Bar and specialises in cocktails made with jasmine- and Earl Grey-infused gin.
Open 6pm-2am daily.
地点名称: The Mixing House
地址: 朝阳区 百子湾乐成豪丽公寓 6号楼底商 103号